A horoscope


Even though you are the mama for everyone, be on the lookout for dude drama this spring. Or if you have weirdo-ness with your dad, this could be a good time to put it to rest—if not with him, within yourself. Do a ritual to rid yourself of pattern relationships under his influence. If the structure of a relationship where someone exerts control over you isn’t working, it’s a good time to let it go up in smoke. If you can do that, your next relationship will be a more symbiotic partnership. (Yes, a bit of a stretch for caretaker Cancer to imagine.) Look for the Lunar Eclipse on April 25 to help bring your relationships to that level! Tip: Any ants in your pants might enjoy crumbs of research about spirituality and religion.

I'm someone who usually takes these things with a grain of salt (undeniably, they are always fun to read), but this particular one from the no.2 issue of Super Nasty gave me something to think about.


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