195. Five shoes in one: the Nike Studio Wrap

Over the past couple of months, I got back into practicing yoga again. Back home I used to practice pilates regularly, but have been having a tough time finding a studio that I liked here in Singapore. I'm so happy to have found a new home with Hom Yoga - I remember coming in on my first day and being greeted by the floor to ceiling windows, wooden floors, white walls. I knew then I would never look back.

And if there's anything that encourages me to continue my practice (apart from that fantastic feeling you get after an intense and sweaty work out, that is!), it's new gear. I only recently decided to invest in my first Yogitoes Skidless Towel, and I can't wait for it to come in the mail. On top of that, earlier today I saw the video for Nike's new innovation, the Nike Studio Wrap, and I must say - wow! I used to be thankful for the fact that practicing yoga meant not having to buy expensive running or training shoes, but these gorgeous foot wraps might just change my mind. They look amazingly elegant. I can only wonder how they'd feel on my feet!


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