187. The carnival by the pier

I never expected to run into a carnival by the pier during my trip to LA. When I first saw it, I felt like I was looking at a scene from the movies. I was so excited to soak up every detail of the place that I even got on a couple of the rides there, and got myself a nice, warm cob of corn to chew on while I explored the place! Everything was so simple, yet that was what made it such a charming locale for me. I remember watching the waves wash against the shore as people started to set up camp by the beach to watch a concert that was taking place there. It was also here that I finally satisfied the oyster craving I've been having for ages - and boy, was it satisfying! I must have eaten ten wonderfully fresh oysters that night. We further explored the vicinity of the pier after dusk, and I was delighted to discover that it's even more lively at night than it is during the day. Check out all the customisation options they had at the Converse store! I wish we had something like that in Asia.


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