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It's been two months since this blog has shown any sign of life, but I thought that the layout revamp should signal the start of a new (and hopefully more active!) me. If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I took a trip to LA during the summer to attend SIGGRAPH, but what would an overseas trip be without taking advantage of the opportunity to go all out touristy? One of the first things on our agenda was a tour around the Warner Brothers Studios - something I decided on a whim, considering how we only booked our tickets mere moments before we boarded our flight! Going through the amazing studio lots made me wish I was more of a TV junkie, and watched shows like Gilmore Girls and Pretty Little Liars. That being said, we did catch a glimpse of Chuck Lorre in his car, which is always exciting. We did see some guy who's on the Pretty Little Liars cast too, but given the fact that I don't watch the show, I couldn't swoon with the rest of the people in my tour group.

The highlight of the trip would definitely have to be seeing original artwork by Drew Struzan (seeing this in the flesh was nothing short of amazing), and Mary Grandpre. Seeing the Tumbler, the nuclear bomb and the costumes of Joker and Two-Face/Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight/Rises is a very, very close second though.


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