182. My 21st: A Visual Diary

I celebrated my 21st birthday a little over a week ago at the very lovely Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar. Since then, I've said my temporary goodbyes and flown back to Manila. I have never really been one for big parties, so when it was time to celebrate my passage into "adulthood", I knew that a quaint Sunday brunch was the way to go. Despite the rain and the terrible traffic, I couldn't be more grateful to have such a great bunch of friends to share my birthday with - friends who tried their best to document my birthday in photos that turned out either slightly over or underexposed, friends who give me things like snow globe music boxes, chocolate body salt scrub, beer and flowers, friends who sit through rounds and rounds of photos with me just so we could get the perfect ones, and so, so much more.

It seemed strangely apt to me that I should make this post today, on the birthday of the boy featured in a few of these photos. He is without a doubt the best present a girl could ever hope for; no one makes me happier, calmer, and more hopeful than ever for the future. And on this special day, despite the miles that separate us, I would like to wish him the happiest of birthdays.


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