180. So this is what excitement feels like

This was a photo taken back in December 2011, right at the end of SIGGRAPH Asia in Hong Kong. Yep, those lovely people are what made up the Student Volunteers team that year - and what a remarkable group of people they were.

At this point I've already begun receiving weekly updates on the upcoming SIGGRAPH 2012, and I couldn't be more excited. The SV forums have just been opened, and you can bet that I will be spending a good bulk of my time lurking - I mean posting - on there. And to add to the excitement, I just read (or re-read, since I think I've read part of it before, if not the entire thing) Jeremy Kenisky's blog entries chronicling his experiences at SIGGRAPH.  I was fortunate enough to meet Jeremy in Hong Kong last year; our first encounter involved me taking a very badly lit photo of him using my phone, all for the sake of drawing an accurate enough portrait of him to tack onto the wall (all the other committee members had their pictures printed out, save him).

And here is my shoddy attempt at saving the photo using Photoshop Mobile on my iPhone. The guy who seems to be looking down at something very interesting behind Jeremy is Kris, one of our team leaders during the conference.

The portrait didn't turn out as nice as I would have liked, but Jeremy kept it anyway - or at least he claimed that he would bring it home with him at the end of the conference. Just one of those things we will never really know.


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