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Just last year I was privileged to have been taught by Michael Defeo when I signed up for his ZBrush class at Schoolism. He is one of the most sincere people I've ever met, and boy is he passionate not only about what he does, but sharing his knowledge as well. L'Ecorché is an app that will no doubt benefit artists all over the world, regardless of your field of study. Wondering what this amazing app is all about? Read on:

L'Ecorché is a groundbreaking, intuitive tool developed by artists, for artists to reference anatomy. It's not a book, it's not a sculpture. It's an elegant and painstakingly-detailed fusion of the two that takes the best of both and brings them into a whole new medium for learning.

Originally developed by animation sculptor Michael Defeo as a personal reference tool for his courses with anatomy expert Scott Eaton, this application has grown from a simple sculpture for the iPad into a fully-developed application for iPad, iPhone, Mac desktop and eventually Andriod and PC desktop platforms. With your help, it will be the most advanced and detailed learning tool of its kind.

Working with world-renowned anatomy expert Scott Eaton, Michael has designed an intuitive app that features classical, educational and instructional versions of Jean-Antoine Houdon's iconic "écorché."

Rather than simply looking at a book or a sculpture, the artist can now:

tumble and zoom the model from 360 degree angles;

switch to Scott's updated version which keeps the original grace while providing anatomical corrections;

toggle an informational overlay which will reveal a full muscular map that includes text indicating origin, inserts and actions.

In addition, Scott is overseeing Michael's planar and primitive versions that will help the artist better understand the forms at play, with both artists working tirelessly to ensure maximum correctness, elegance, intuition and usability.

The human aspect behind this is a sculptor who wanted to make his reference work easier and realized that, with a little elbow grease (over 1,000 hours and counting) and a few bucks (over $8,000 of his own money so far), artists all over the world could have immediate and tangible reference to the intricate beauty of human anatomy.

With a target launch date set for May 10, we now need your help to see us through. There aren't enough hours in the day for us to complete everything! Michael needs to hire assistants to remap all of the models and enter a ton of data, he needs to pay his attorney for all of the nitty gritty involved in a venture like this, and needs to continue to pay his amazing developer, Trevor Thompson, the ghost in the machine without whose mind and voodoo none of this would have gotten off the ground.

The point is that this a great idea that will be extremely useful for artists, and we're working hard to make sure it's as pristine, beautiful and as educational as possible. And we're doing it all while trying to make a living as artists ourselves. We are so. Damned. Close.

Anything, and we mean anything you can give will be so appreciated. If you can't afford money, then shoot this link out to your social networks. All of you can help us get this thing out there.

Thanks so much.

Michael Defeo (& co.)


I urge anyone who reads this to pledge your support! I know I am.


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