141. A lighting and rendering exercise

Now for far more recent work (and by recent, I mean REALLY recent. I whipped these up last night). This semester I have been very fortunate to study under some incredibly talented professors. After waiting a whole semester, I finally got into a class taught by the legendary Hans Bacher. I'm also doing a special animation techniques module with the Oscar-winning Ishu Patel. (Work from those two modules will be posted at a later date; as of the moment they are still very much in the early stages of progress.)

The work you see here is some rendered images I made for my lighting and rendering class, taught by Xavier Bernasconi. He's a a lighting supervisor at Lucasfilm Singapore and teaches both the lighting and rendering and digital visual effects classes, the latter of which I have yet to take.

For this exercise we were meant to create chrome and glass out of mental ray materials. The model that was given to us is the Stanford Dragon.


  1. KIMBOOO this is mad crazy awesome/amazing/etc.etc.


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