53. 'I'm Here'

A beautifully poignant short film; not quite as depressing as The Giving Tree, the story is was loosely based on. This has been hibernating in my bookmarks folder for the longest time, and it was only today, after a recommendation from a friend, that I was able to see it, finally. I love what Spike Jonze has done with the film; he has crafted a world where robots and humans coexist, and two robots fall in love. It certainly adds a dimension that questions whether robots can feel, whether they can be considered to legitimately 'exist' in the world. The title itself, for me, is a reiteration of these robots' search for meaning, for some - any - kind of sign showing they are real, and they exist (as Anne has made obvious at the beginning of the film). In the end, though, Sheldon and Anne find out that they exist in and because of one another, both literally and figuratively.

(I'm Here, directed by Spike Jonze.)

On another note, a very happy birthday to the best sister in the world. I love you.


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