47. An artist's date

Today I had a much-needed artist's date - just me, myself and I immersed in art. I spent a couple of hours in the Singapore Art Museum (also known as SAM). Their current exhibit is called "Realism in Asian Art", and may I just say Amorsolo is amazing - even when compared to other Southeast Asian artists! Filipino pride right there. I also saw some amazing artwork from the museum's permanent collection:

This was an installation piece done by my 4D teacher, Donna Ong, entitled In The Deep: Not All Who Wander Are Lost (I, X & XI). Never thought I'd actually see one of her works in the flesh.

The movement in this piece is breathtaking.

I then attended a poetry reading session by the lovely Fiona Sze-Lorrain for her book, "Water the Moon" at BooksActually - the poetry was beautiful and the place so quaint, filled with such quirky charm!

I got myself a copy of her book (not cheap, but how could I resist?) as well as a few knick-knacks.

Consider the inspiration quota for the month filled.

(All photographs were taken with my iPhone. Sorry for the not-so-good quality.)


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