Fashion, Deconstructed

Last Season from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.

After completing a 10-week stint as an intern for a fashion magazine, I gained a newfound insight to the very nature of the industry. This video sums up my sentiments quite nicely... in perfect little balls of yarn.



Any hiatus is worth breaking for a phenomenal and inspiring piece of animation. I am a sucker for hair and fluid animation - and if it's fluid hair, well, you get the picture.

Cooking up some plans to inject new life into this blog, so watch this space.


Welcome to Monsters University

I have to admit: few things make me more excited than a good animated movie, and Monsters University is right at the top of my summer must-see movies list. I remember seeing the very first teaser trailer a couple of months ago, and stumbling upon the promotional website for Monsters University. Seeing courses like Intro to Door Tech and Advanced Monstriology makes me want to jump right back into the university circuit and enroll in the School of Scaring!

If there is one thing I know I can always trust Disney•Pixar with, it's their ability to put a unique and unexpected spin on the things we already know but never really think about. Monsters, Inc. was the perfect example - I mean, who knew there could be so much more to the world of the fabled monsters hiding in our closets? I love that Monsters University is a prequel that not only gives us a chance to witness the beginning of Mike and Sully's friendship, but also offers us another glimpse into the world of monsters. And what could be more exciting than a school just for monsters?

Catch Disney•Pixar's "Monsters University" in Singapore cinemas this 20 June 2013! For more updates, like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to the Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!


Storage Solution: Book Cases

When I saw this image from Neon Blush on my feed today, I just knew I found the solution to my growing shoe storage problem. (I know - like I needed another reason to get more book shelves.) As I'm about to hit my first ever apartment hunt on high gear, I often find myself daydreaming about all the possibilities that come with a new space. I'm down to my last two months living on-campus, and although it's been a very memorable four years, I'm more than ready to greet the real world with open arms.


Coming together

It's been a while since I posted some of my work on here. The past semester of my life has been utterly dedicated to bringing one of my ideas to life in the biggest of ways. Here's a little sneak peek of the upcoming teaser that will be posted at the ADM Graduation Show website and screened at the show on the 10th of May. The full length screening for the animation department is slated for August.

There's just something so satisfying about seeing your efforts coming together.
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